PRP Hair Therapy For Hair Growth By Clinic Dermatech

November 19 22:53 2014
PRP Hair Therapy

Clinic Dermatech an award winning chain of Cosmetic Dermatology that holds the premium market share in Skin care & Hair Reduction in Delhi and NCR has started with a new range of treatment for Hair Growth. After the successful launch of Meso treatment for Hair Growth, Clinic Dermatech decided to begin with Platelet Rich Plasma.

PRP or “Platelet Rich Plasma” Therapy is one of the clinically proven medical treatments for Hair Growth. It is a safe and natural procedure where plasma from own human blood is used for hair growth.

As we all know that Blood is basically a combination of plasma plus few very important components like RBC, WBC, platelets. Platelets play a very important role in any healing process in our body. In PRP we extract the platelets along with plasma separated from other components of blood. This plasma contains higher percentage of platelets that heals and rejuvenates the surrounding tissues. It stimulates the stem cells in scalp that supports the hair follicle to move to growth phase again.

PRP done by Clinic Dermatech is completely hygienic and safe due to use of USFDA approved kit used for treatment. This treatment is done by well trained dermatologists already experts in Meso treatments. Special Meso guns are used that helps the doctors to know exactly the depth in which the needle has to be inserted. If the needle goes deep inside the scalp it causes more pain.

The process of treatment is as follows:

1) The blood is taken out from arm by well trained Dermatologist and added to a test tube containing a solution inside (from USFDA approved kit).

2) This test tube is immediately placed inside the centrifuge and revolved at a fixed speed to separate the Plasma Rich Platelet from blood sample.

3) This plasma is taken into syringe and fixed inside the Meso gun. This plasma is then inserted into the scalp at different points.

The treatment takes around 30 mins to 1 hr. The pain during the treatment is not more than a prick. For best results patient has to take three sessions minimum with a gap of 1 month after each session. The results are visible in both males and females in all types of Alopecia.

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