Airwheel R8 Lightweight Mountain Electric Bike – A Fire New Way For Office Workers to Work Out

August 09 23:32 2017
In front of the fierce competition among the job markets, the office workers don’t have time and energy to do exercises, so the health conditions of them are getting worse and worse. No time and the long distance to gym are their common excuses. Here, the Airwheel R8 hybrid bike lends them a hand to solve the mentioned troubles.

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Most of people have this experience-they want to do some sports, but they perish the thought because the gym is too far away or they are too tired. They make sports declaration everyday but always give up halfway. Also, there are people who are busy with their work and have little time to do exercise. Recently, some recommends the Airwheel R8 electric mountain bike to their friends and relatives. With R8, people will fall in love with doing sports.

Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike

Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike is not only a transport but also an exercises tool. Therefore, riders don’t have to squeeze time to go to the gym to do sports. When they go to work or goes to any places with R8, they are actually doing exercises. Riding Airwheel R8 is to integrate exercise into the everyday life. Moreover, its triangle frame is formed by a bending long pipe, with an aluminum alloy casting to lock the joint, firm and crush resistance.

Airwheel R8 triangle frame electric bike

What’s more, riding Airwheel R8 is very funny. At the past, some considered doing sports was a boring thing. But after riding R8, they will find it’s interesting to do exercise. As R8 has three ride modes, riders can ride it easily and enjoy the happiness of sliding freely in the street. Riders can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode. R8 is also equipped with 26-inch tire with unique tread pattern that helps drain water, dissipate heat and enhance grip performance ensures a comfortable riding experience. Besides, it is very convenient to do exercises with R8 Triangle frame electric bike as it can be rode in the open air. Therefore, rider doesn’t have to find a place to ride it. They can ride it in parks, alleys and even at home.

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So, what do you think of the Airwheel R8 electric cross bike to serve as an exercising tool?

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