Dr. Lana Rozenberg, Dentist in Manhattan, NY, Promotes Awareness of Gum Disease and Heart Disease

December 01 23:37 2017

Dr. Lana Rozenberg, respected dentist in Manhattan, NY raises awareness of the connection between heart disease and gum disease.

NEW YORK, NY – 12/1/2017 — Dr. Lana Rozenberg is an experienced dentist in Manhattan, NY who supports overall patient health by raising awareness of the link between heart disease and gum disease. To help patients avoid further oral health and systemic health issues, Dr. Rozenberg is now welcoming new patients without a referral for a variety of periodontal treatments, including gentle and effective laser gum therapy. 

The connection between gum disease and heart disease is due to the same bacteria. Bacteria found in infected gum tissue around teeth break down the barrier between the gums and the underlying connective tissue, causing inflammation. When chewing or brushing, bacteria may enter the bloodstream and move to other parts of the circulatory system, contributing to the formation of cardiovascular disease.

When the body responds to infection, there is inflammation and swelling. It is possible that as oral bacteria travel through the body it triggers a similar response, which then leads to the formation of arterial plaque. Oral bacteria have been found in the fatty deposits of people with atherosclerosis. These deposits can narrow arteries or break loose and clog them entirely, leading to heart attack or stroke.

As a leading dentist in Manhattan, Dr. Rozenberg and her team offer minimally invasive laser dentistry solutions to treat gum disease. Laser gum therapy is also minimally painful, and it is capable of targeting inflamed gum tissue with remarkable precision. Laser gum treatment does not require sutures or scalpel incisions, offering shorter recovery times and a more comfortable patient experience. Patients who receive laser gum therapy typically recover faster than those who receive traditional gum surgery. 

Dr. Rozenberg encourages patients with inflamed or bleeding gums and other common symptoms of gum disease to schedule an appointment for laser dentistry treatment. To arrange a consultation, patients are invited to visit https://rozenbergdentalnyc.com or call (212) 265-77-24 to schedule an appointment.

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