Rachel Gilmore Urges Fitness-Seekers to Find Authentic Value in Personal Trainers

January 31 13:52 2014

Enthusiastic goal-planners are slowly falling behind on what Rachel Gilmore calls the slippery slope of New Year’s resolutions – making those lofty 2014 goals suddenly out of grasp. Gilmore is a health and wellness professional and thought leader in the nutrition and fitness world, offering clients a wealth of knowledge and solutions in terms of weight loss, improved fitness, clean eating habits, and exceptional business opportunities through a successful nutritional cleanse program.

As a health and wellness coach, personal trainer, and Isagenix representative, Gilmore is equipped to guide many clients toward their health and fitness goals, while also pointing out the latest trends and changes in the industry. According to the South Carolina-based personal trainer, 2014 is “the year of personal trainers,” and she applauds individuals of all fitness levels for making significant strides toward regaining their overall health by hiring professional coaches.

A recent article in Philly.com predicts top trends for 2014, emphasizing personal training sessions at the top of the list. The report mentions that even though one-on-one coaching remains a consistently popular trend, personal training trends in the New Year include smaller instructor-led groups: “Small group sessions or functional fitness classes taught to groups of 10 or less by your personal trainer are also a budding trend.”

Fitness experts like Gilmore also acknowledge the rise in people pursuing personal training careers – a number that has increased in a drastic way. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of people choosing to explore their careers as personal trainers has increased to about 15 percent. “There are more fitness lovers out there pursuing personal training careers because the demand is there,” said Gilmore. “People want to commit to a healthier lifestyle that challenges them to be active, but they don’t know how to set sustainable, measurable goals and they don’t know how to stay on track, especially after the excitement of the New Year fades away.”

Gilmore adds that there are several reasons why a goal-setting individual should invest in a personal trainer. “Good personal trainers are desirable because they program your exercises and customize every work-out according to your specific goals,” she said. “A quality, structured exercise program taught by an equipped personal trainer should inspire and motivate clients, as well as educate them. The goal is to exceed goals; every client should walk away from a workout session knowing how to continue on the right path outside of his or her meeting with a personal trainer.”

Gilmore also points out that a personal trainer is invaluable because coaches teach correct form, safer positions and ensure injury prevention. For the “unsure” exerciser or the beginner, a personal trainer can provide peace of mind and knowledge of how to eliminate mistakes and potential injuries. “Personal trainers maximize results,” said Gilmore. “They know exactly what areas you are targeting and the best methods to accomplish your fitness or health objectives. They are also extremely knowledgeable in how to measure progress, which is key to motivation.”

Rachel Gilmore asserts that the value of fitness coaches lies in the professionals’ ability to educate clients on how to reclaim their health, one step at a time. They are more than capable of explaining certain elements of a healthy diet or workout routine so that the client better understands what is required of a healthy lifestyle – and why it matters. She points out that advanced fitness-enthusiasts and beginners alike can reap the benefits of a personal trainer.

“A trainer can help newcomers find their way around the gym, learn how to use the machines correctly or adapt to a program that enhances results, but a trainer can also benefit someone who regularly exercises alone but does not see results or cannot stay motivated,” she said. “A fitness coach helps people of all different fitness levels to push through the things that they cannot enjoy by creatively implementing a routine that works. Dull workouts only kill motivation and enthusiasm; creative programs and measurable goals make getting healthier much more exciting and manageable.”

Gilmore encourages fitness-seekers interested in losing fat, gaining energy and living an overall healthier lifestyle to call her for information on a phenomenal nutritional cleanse program and personal training services. She also aims to help health and fitness lovers and aspiring business owners realize their full potential through an incredible business opportunity. Gilmore is currently leading participants in the Rock Your Resolution Challenge and invites interested individuals to join in for the chance to see dramatic results and win free coaching, prizes and $1,000. She implores fitness-seekers to embrace the New Year, making health and fitness a priority by hiring a professional and making real progress.


Rachel Gilmore is a health and wellness coach and personal trainer who aims to help clients achieve optimal health and wellness. As a representative of Isagenix, Gilmore encourages the company’s nutritional cleanse program and invites others to learn about the transformative products and business opportunities. She coaches clients struggling with stress management, sleep issues and other key components to enhance an overall healthier lifestyle.

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