Make Your Own Shopping Guide before Purchasing Stuffs for Wedding Ceremony

February 18 12:44 2014

marriageNew Delhi, Tuesday, February 18 – Are you one of the lucky girls who is going to enter in the institution of marriage this wedding season? If pat reply comes yes, then it’s time to accumulate all the required stuffs that are needed by the bride during her wedding ceremony, reception party and even further on. Wedding is an auspicious event in everyone’s life, but just a few know what to shop for making the matrimony even the most memorable one.

Marriage rituals are the first occasion when both bride and groom are closely watched by each and every guest. In this situation, it becomes literally crucial to opt for desired wedding attire and accessories that could give a complete lift up to the wearer’s personality. Before heading towards the shopping complex, make a proper list what all you need as per your taste and choice of the colors, which is certainly imperative as far as looks are concerned on the D-day. A few points that must be remembered prior to shopping for the valuable items are mentioned below.

•    Choose the Wedding Dress that is Unique in its Own Sense : –

A lot of brides just hunt for the wedding dress in usual red and pink shades. However, since fashion keeps on changing from time to time, several pretty ladies are open to opt for something new and stunning. In the current trend, silver and ivory white are in, making brides more appealing and attractive.

•    Do Not Ignore Your Shoes : –

Designer footwear is of great importance during the wedding. This is the reason why a lot of fresh designs are introduced in the market before the wedding season arrives. It is always better to go for mid-length heels rather than choosing pointed heel sandals. Since several customers now go for jai mala theme, along with the revolving stage, it becomes difficult to keep yourself on a balance. Choose the color of your shoes according to the embroidery of the dress.

•    Finish Shopping as Early as Possible : –

Most of us keep on purchasing important items at the last moment, which make you forget items that are necessary during the nuptial time. To avoid yourself falling in such situation, it is far better to accomplish all the work related with shopping nearly 1 month prior to the wedding date. Buy and extra stock of regular cosmetics like body lotion, cream, kajal, eyeliner, lip gloss, nail colors, manicure & pedicure kit, facial kit according to skin tone and safety pins, matching clutch pins and rubber bands. Small steps will lend a hand to you to stay away from getting panicked during the moment that is to be cherished for lifetime.

•    Have you Got the Scintillating Clutch Bag : –

Generally, brides do not have to carry so many things during the wedding time and reception party but still search for a clutch bag where at least few important items for instance, mobile phone, fancy bindi, handkerchief, lipstick and mascara can be kept. Hit on the most stylish bag that is not only spacious, but also matches with the dress you are going to put on.

•    Munch Healthy Food and Skip Cola Drinks:

The key attention is caught by the glow on the bride’s face that does not come from any makeup. It is always advised to consume around 8 litres of water in a day, eat sprouts, avoid too much oily snacks and strictly say no too cola drinks and alcohol, particularly when wedding time is near. Switch over fresh fruit juices, especially the citrus fruits like orange and sweet lemon. Pay keen attention to the diet that is going to speak all about your health and shine. There is no substitute of fresh vegetables. So have them raw or cook partially so that their nutritional elements remain as it is.

•    Hygiene and Personal Care : –

Hygiene & personal care have their own significance, mainly at the time when you are going to share your entire life with someone else. Buy the materials that ensure of providing utmost comfort and freshness to the mind, body and soul. Get a yoga DVD and at least spend 30 to 40 minutes for workout session and meditation. Apply sun screen before you go outside of the house. Don’t buy lotions just after seeing its expensive price tags. It is always good to stick to the cosmetics that suit your skin and keep it away from any sort of allergies.

At the end, be clear in mind that long lasting relationships are made with trust and faith. No matter how beautiful you are, but if you keep on hiding things with your better half, then it is going to ruin your relation with him. So, maintain peace of mind after marriage and let yourself rise as a good partner after entering into the matrimony.